The cottage resort is located on Oak Island in Lake Nipissing, formerly known as Hardwood Islands, in the heart of Ontario's North. This recent name change was facilitated through the Ministry of Natural Resources and support from many neighbours, customers, and friends.

Here you will find fishing unlike any other. Sports fishermen from many parts of North America have been enjoying the thrills of angling in Lake Nipissing for many years. Oak Island Lodge is a boat-in resort, featuring fully furnished housekeeping cottages, and offering boat and motor rentals. We cater to vacationers, fishermen, and families. Start your vacation by houseboat shuttle to the lodge (free parking provided).

Testimonial from one of our long-time, faithful customers, John Grant:

"My kids and I have been going there for years, it really doesn't get any better if you love breathtaking sunsets, great beach, great people, especially old Joe the miner. One night sitting on the beach watching the sunset over the fire I asked the fellow guests what was wrong with the horizon, they could not answer. My response was no human lights, only stars. By the way, all the comforts of home. If you have kids, you owe Oak Island to them." Feb. 1, 2012

1-866-652-8908 or 1-705-594-1921

Contact Pat or Sharon at oakislandlodge@hotmail.com

Map of Lake Nipissing